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Secret of the Crystal Skulls

Links and Credits

Links are provided below for those interested in exploring more about crystal skulls. Links are also provided to the Hawaii and Kauai Film Commissions and to professionals who have assisted Nadya Wynd and whose services you may find worthwhile.

Read About the Crystal Skulls:

Hawaii State Film Commission website

Kauai Film Commission website

Wailua Web - Sonja Kass

Sonja designed this website and the banner.

Shawna Carol

Shawna composed the beautiful song Magic of Na Pali as a soundtrack demo song for the character of Jill.

Kicka Witte

Kicka took all the movie trailer photos. See our gallery and visit Kicka's website.

Da Wo's: Shanawo & Renee-Wo

With permission from the artists we are using Pu Oli - Invocation to Hawaiian Aumakua from the CD Ancient Wave as the theme music for our Photos page of our website.


Makana wrote Shells, the hauntingly beautiful song which plays at the end of the Promotional Trailer.

Sherry Whitfield is the caretaker of the ancient crystal skull Synergy. Synergy and Sherry have been great supporters of our film project.