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Nadya Wynd

Originally pursuing a career as a counselor, social worker and teacher, Nadya Wynd began a transition into the field of entertainment when she began studying acting in Austin, Texas in 1982. During her time in Austin, she coordinated Plays for Living, a program of plays about social issues, produced by the Family Service Association of America and wrote and directed a play about teenage pregnancy. She also studied Film Production in the Graduate Program at the University of Texas.

In 1986 Nadya moved to Los Angeles where she worked as an actress and in production positions in film, television and theater. She also began work on her first screenplay, an adaptation of The Physician, a six hundred-page epic novel about the beginnings of modern medicine by best-selling author, Noah Gordon.

After moving to Kauai in 1991, this novel became a record-breaking best seller in Germany and Austria. After a bidding war between several companies, Nadya accepted an offer to be screenwriter/co-producer for the project from Rialto, a German film company.

Upon moving to Santa Cruz, California in 1993, Nadya taught drama and creative writing. She also wrote, produced and directed original musical theater for several years, forming Evergreen Theater Company, a non-profit, family theater company.

Nobody's Boy, the theater company's final production, premiered at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium to near sell-out audiences in 2002. Set in the passionate, magical world of a Gypsy circus family traveling through France in 1889, it was inspired by the classic French novel, Sans Famille by Hector Malot. Staged as theater in the round, the production featured lots of live Gypsy music and dance, circus performances and a real draft horse pulling a Gypsy wagon on stage.

In 1999, Nadya wrote, produced and directed The Beautiful Illusion, a short film starring De Lane Matthews (co-star of "Dave's World" and "From the Earth to the Moon") and Tyrone Power Jr. ("Cocoon" and "Cocoon, the Return".) It was an official selection of the New York and Los Angeles Independent Film Festivals. It also aired on PBS television and screened in Berkeley and Santa Cruz, California and Miami and Hollywood, Florida.

Returning to Kauai at the end of 2002, Nadya has focused her energy on developing a family adventure film trilogy. Secret of the Crystal Skulls is the first part of the trilogy.


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