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About the Movie: Secret of the Crystal Skulls

Screenplay Synopsis

A life-sized crystal skull with mysterious powers is being cared for by the MENEHUNE, a legendary race of magical little people living on the island of Kauai. A diverse group of individuals is inexplicably drawn to the cave where the skull sits on an altar, magnificently reflecting light in all directions from a skylight above.

MAT, a jaded fifteen-year-old from the San Fernando Valley, is sent on an outward-bound hiking trip of the stunningly beautiful Na Pali Coast of Kauai, while his mother honeymoons with husband #3 at the Hyatt. Two contrasting futures beckon for him, will he accept his father's offer of prep school in Virginia or stay in LA with his mother and her new husband?


At the British Museum, archeologist SIMON CHENEY has two weeks to produce new findings on a crystal skull project or it will be terminated. Lured by clues from an ancient Hawaiian chant, Simon heads for Kauai in search of a crystal skull once consulted as an oracle by a lineage of Hawaiian Kahunas. He longs for professional redemption and the self-esteem needed to reunite with his long-neglected daughter.

KILO, Mat's Kahuna guide, introduces him to Huna, (Hawaiian spirituality) and shows him an ancient fishpond purportedly constructed by the Menehune. Mat is intrigued, but the mood is broken by the arrival of his fellow hikers, preppies flashing their brand-name equipment, GPS locators, and attitude.

They head out as Mat befriends JILL, an ecology-minded seventeen year-old who appreciates the beauty of Hawaii and its mythology. Mat vies for her attention with two future corporate defilers, who team up to humiliate him at every turn. One of the pranks backfires when Mat turns it into a sacred gesture.

As Simon heads up into the mountains of Kauai with a Samoan guide and his superstitious brother, a tropical storm becomes a hurricane, takes an abrupt turn, and heads directly for Kauai. The hurricane turns the teenagers' hike into a life-threatening event until a rescue helicopter comes to their aide. Only able to carry five, Mat and Jill volunteer to wait with Kilo for the helicopter's return. When the helicopter never returns and Kilo is seriously injured, Mat and Jill must seek help from the Menehune.

Mat and Jill are astonished when the Menehune introduce them to the power and significance of the crystal skull. Simon discovers the cave, steals the skull and hurries to deliver it to the museum. Mat, Jill and Kilo rush into the night to recover the skull. In the ensuing chase, Mat must face his fear, Jill her insecurity and Simon, his mortality.

In a remarkable turn of events, everyone learns they have a role to play in safeguarding the crystal skull and disseminating its important message about the future of mankind.

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Main Character Descriptions

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Mat is 15 years old and on the pudgy side. His hair is short and spiked on top and he wears braces and a skull and crossbones earring in one ear. He seems jaded and disaffected, unengaged in life. Actually very intelligent and sensitive, he feels hurt and confused by his parents' divorce, their antipathy toward each other and his mother's continual remarriage. He escapes into video games, television and the computer.

Jill is 17 years old, pretty with blonde hair and blue eyes. She is sweet, artistic, spiritual, an optimist. A singer/songwriter and poet, she is also a little insecure and fragile, wounded by her father's abandonment of her at a young age.

Simon Cheney is in his late 40's, medium height and wiry, with thinning grey/blonde hair. He is brilliant, intense, quirky, nervous, a little obsessive/compulsive. He feels a deep sense of failure at not following his dream of working as a field archeologist and also for not standing up to the wife who left him and took away his daughter. He also feels a sense of guilt for not maintaining a presence in his daughter's life.

Kilo is a tall, trim, distinguished looking Hawaiian Kahuna who is 70 years old but looks around 55. He is wise, soft-spoken, and tolerant. He sees beyond the surface reality.


Magic of Na Pali

Soundtrack demo song composed for the character of Jill

Words and Music by Shawna Carol


Pu Oli - Invocation to Hawaiian Aumakua

From the CD Ancient Wave

Artists: Da Wo's: Shanawo & Renee-Wo


The screenplay for Secret of the Crystal Skulls was written by Nadya Wynd.  Anyone who loves adventure and magic and wants to deeply experience the phenomenon and mystery of the crystal skulls will want to see this movie.

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